Plasma-Assisted Coating Processes

Fundamentals, technologies, systems and industrial applications

Jörg Vetter, Manfred Berger, Volker Derflinger, Siegfried Krassnitzer


This electronic publication is based on the German title Plasmagestützte Beschichtungsverfahren (ISBN 978-3-86236-117-5) which was first published in 2017 by SZ Scala GmbH, Munich, as volume number 394 of the book series Die Bibliothek der Technik. It presents the most frequently used plasma-assisted coating processes für industrial application and deals with their capabilities and limitations. Separate chapters are dedicated to aspects of manufacturing technology, inter alia system technology, and the broad spectrum of applications.

Translation: Communication Consulting GmbH, Wolfsberg (Austria)

The coatings, processes and services in this book marked with the registered trademark symbol ® or TM are registered trademarks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as in additional countries.

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